Photo courtesy of Jessie Gartner. 

Check back soon for more information on the Kimberly Gartner Group partners and clients. Kimberly is also planning a blog series. The first blog will have more information on how rock climbing ties to the philosophy of the Kimberly Gartner Group. Other blogs will tie to industry trends and the connection between health and wealth. Sign up to receive updates. re.

Photo credit: Jessie Gartner 

The Kimberly Gartner Group, LLC, focuses on turning solid ideas into sustainable businesses, products, services and strategies that improve people's lives. With expertise in credit, payments, financial health and product design for underserved consumers, plus partnerships for those projects that call for gaining direct market insights, the Kimberly Gartner Group is well positioned to help with your business challenges. 

Most importantly, the Kimberly Gartner Group works with good people doing good work. It's that simple.

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​​​Kimberly Gartner Group, LLC

Doing good work with good people.