​​​Kimberly Gartner Group, LLC

Doing good work with good people. 



The Kimberly Gartner Group focuses on turning solid ideas into sustainable businesses, products, services and strategies that improve lives. 

We can help your organization:

  • Define its strategy.
  • Design new programs and products.
  • Assess the market and competitive environment.
  • Enter new markets or partnerships.
  • Plan and facilitate high-impact meetings.
  • Launch new businesses.
  • Measure impacts.

Current projects include:

Prior experience includes:

  • Advising a top four bank on the development of a new safe checking account product.

  • Leading another top four bank through product ideation design sessions for a new savings product to help low-income people.

  • Assisting a leading tax preparation company get a new, high-quality secured card product to market in 90 days.

  • Providing market data and facilitating design sessions for a leading prepaid company as it explored potential new products to more fully meet the financial needs of their customers. 

  • Developing new programs and financial projections for a direct service non-profit organization. 

Contact Kimberly Gartner at: kgartner (at) kgartner.com to discuss ways we can help you and your company.