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Doing good work with good people. 


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Kimberly Gartner is passionate – about working to improve people’s lives, building sustainable programs and businesses, and the power of financial services. She’s a financial services expert with deep knowledge relating to credit, payments, underbanked consumers, and financial health. Over the last 20 years, Kimberly has worked to combine her desire to make positive changes in the world with her unique skills in strategic thinking, consulting, financial analysis and business development. She has a deep network of senior executives across the financial services marketplaces and an impressive track record of sales and business development results.

For nearly 10 years, she worked at the Center for Financial Service Innovation (CFSI). Most recently, she was Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships. Kimberly worked with a broad spectrum of financial services providers to increase the quality and quantity of financial services options. Under her leadership, CFSI launched a successful consulting business, created the go-to industry forums for scale financial services firms and innovative mid-tier institutions, and seeded innovation with a combination of programmatic support and nearly $4 million in grants to promising nonprofit organizations.

Kimberly joined CFSI through the Center’s acquisition of the Responsible Credit Partnership, a cross-industry effort she led for several years, leveraging her consulting background in business planning and product design for underbanked consumers.

In her early career days, Kimberly was an advocate for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Through that work, she saw firsthand the importance of financial security to people's lives.

Today, Kimberly launched the Kimberly Gartner Group to work with good people doing good work. She looks forward to discussing ways she can help you and your team.

You can contact her at kgartner@kgartner.com